Nestled in the southwest corner of Germany

lies a storied culinary hub known as Schwarzwald (the Black Forest), it’s in this region that countless generations have perfected ham, sausage, and all the traditional cuisine that defines the very country. Deep in this forest lives the Black Bear, whose majesty lends to its’ own legend. Such is our steadfast commitment to quality, Black Bear of the Black Forest® is fiercely nutritious, fiercely premium, and fiercely delicious; quite simply it’s Fiercely Good.


Handcrafted Meats & Cheeses


Local Product, European Quality

Our pride is in the old world tradition of time-honored recipes transcending the generations from the German Black-Forest region directly to your table. Using only the cleanest, simple ingredients and animals raised with grain-fed diets and never treated with antibiotics or rBST. Promising you the most delectable tasting meats and cheeses in the deli case, handcrafted in the family owned kitchens of Black Bear of the Black Forest®. Most importantly, we promise product delivered daily to your local ShopRite, made by hand locally for you. Black Bear is the only local, premium brand in the ShopRite deli case.


How to find black bear products


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